Instagram can kill the iPhone for Windows Phone 8

So the one missing piece in the Nokia/Microsoft upcoming war for market share is Instagram. Argue all you want about what low grade pictures in a twitter like feed do for the general public, but it's hands down the key to saying to all the apple lovers that a spiffy new metal back and an extra row of icons isn't worth more than beastly specs and shiny colors. It's also the consumer feature that allows a manufacturer to ask is Android plus licensing fees cheaper than windows phone and legal protection for this consumer device I'm about to build.

But lets kill the whole Instagram app is coming to windows Phone talk. If you really want to go for the gold, lets assume there will be no Instagram app. Microsoft and Nokia have openly said they have a secret. They keep saying there are these key features that we will not talk about for Windows Phone 8. There are devices you can't even touch from both and there are devices you can play with all day. So lets reason for a minute.

It's very possible that Instagram could become the newest member of the native to the OS family. This could be the last hidden feature of Windows Phone that MS seems hellbent on keeping secret. No one will say this on record, but with Microsoft's small ownership in Facebook latest acquisition and all the hooks already in place sharing photos to Facebook natively in Windows Phone, rerouting to Instagram through the new Lens functionality seems like a no brainier. Pulling in Photos in the Photo hub from Instagram seems like a no brainier also. Who needs an App when everything is native. Who needs an Instagram App when every windows Phone is an Instagram, Facebook and twitter phone.