Verizon to offer tethering on iPhone 5 for free!

I spoke to a Verizon customer service rep while ordering my iPhone 5. The kind lady told me tethering will be free, it will be just like any other data usage going towards my 2 GB cap.

Chat Log:

Me: Oh, I do have one more question. Do you have any information about tethering the phone?

Naomi S.: What it is?

Me: I know you offer the mobile hotspot plans

Me: But I mean for the regular 2 GB data plan. Is verizon offering tethering?

Naomi S.: Tethering is free. It will use data from your plan.

Me: Oh that's awesome!

Naomi S.: I know, right!

I'm really excited about this with my iPad 2 (wifi). God bless government regulation and the FCC putting their foot down on those LTE bands Verizon got!

Tethering is built into iOS 6, right?