The next Nexus is coming. Here's why.

So we've got the rumors of the 5 Nexus devices (really unlikely if you ask me), a Samsung device called GT-19260 (Galaxy Nexus 2, Nexus Superior). But these are all rumors from a source we don't know if it's legit or not.

But people who buy Galaxy Nexus-phones in (smaller) European countries are noticing something. I am one of them. I've had it before. That was 1 month before the launch of the Galaxy Nexus (Nexus Prime as we called it back in the days).

What am I talking about? About receiving phones from other countries. This happens sometimes (also right after launch) but now it's much bigger than in the rest of the year.

In 2011 I wanted a new phone. I wanted a pure Android experience. I buy my phones off-contract because and because I'm a student I buy them when they're older. So a month before the Galaxy Nexus announcement I bought my Nexus S from a Dutch webshop. But there was something weird about it. The warrenty-card was Bulgarian and my manual was Bulgarian too (I received a English one too).

Because my sister dropped her phone in the loo I gave mine to her. So I bought the Galaxy Nexus from (an other) Dutch webshop, and this time I received a German one.

I see this in (almost) every small European country (if I see the Android forums). Google stops the production of the last Nexus device when they make a new one (excl. Nexus 7) so I think it could be that they are trying to sell every single one before the launch.

What do you think about this?