Google Drive app - was Google just being lazy?

I noticed a curious thing today.

While absentmindedly surfing through my phone during a not-particularly-interesting lecture, i opened the Google Drive app and surfed around, discovering the different views (i got 50 gb free with dropbox with my phone so i rarely, if ever, use Drive).

Everything was going okay until i navigated to the "Recent" category and scrolled a bit down. The following happened:



Don't see it? Look carefully. There, on the right. There are two scrollbars (or whatever they are called nowadays) - the standard Android scrollbar and a custom solution Drive uses. It's not that big of an issue, i was just a bit surprised at the lack of attention for details like that. The standard scrollbar appears for a second or two every time you start scrolling in the list (you have no idea how hard it was to capture this screenshot with SGS3's oh-so-intuitive "swipe screen with palm" gesture).
Seemed kinda weird that Google didn't remove such a (seemingly) trivial error from their own app for their own service on their own mobile OS.

That's not all. The second thing is perhaps even more important, but it took me some time to notice it, even though it's right there all the time.

Via Android Developers website :

Don't use right-pointing carets on line items

A common pattern on other platforms is the display of right-pointing carets on line items that allow the user to drill deeper into additional content.

Android does not use such indicators on drill-down line items. Avoid them to stay consistent with the platform and in order to not have the user guess as to what the meaning of those carets may be.

Yet the whole list view has those right-pointing carets. The whole app has them. What's the deal with that? The double scrollbars may be nitpicking on my part but outright ignoring your own design guidelines...that's just brutal.

What do you think?