School, Short Stories, Novellas and other quick(er) reads.

After realizing my School work will almost entirely engulf almost every aspect of my life, reading one of my great passions may be, at least in a recreational sense put on the metaphorical back-burner. As a result I doubt I'll have the time to read behemoths such as the Game of Thrones series and iQ84. This has resulted in me searching for shorter books ( Similar in size to Asimov's Caves of Steel which is on my to read list) which don't take up my complete and divided attention. So please tell me your favorite books of a shorter nature and of almost any genre although any rom-com type books quickly lose my interest to more pressing problems in the comments below. I'm sure you will all come out with some great books.

Note: I'll predominately be using my Kindle so any links to Amazon will be much appreciated.