USA Today: Style Redesign

For a long time now, I have been a loyal USA Today reader. I enjoy the paper for many reasons: the topics are broad, far-reaching, its light reading, and a format I found quite attractive to read. Recently, the deal got even better with the advent of the iPad and the free USA Today app. The same great news on my tablet! I loved it! (Still do.)

Here is the classic app:



However, much to my dismay, I unfortunately updated my app without taking a look at what exactly was being changed. I was surprised upon opening up the app to read the paper that the USA Today I had known and loved! After taking a look on the paper's website itself, I learned that the whole brand was being redesigned. Initially, I was not happy! I didn't like the logo, which has been re-imagined as a blue circle. A circle.



The intent for the new logo is that it will dynamically accomodate the various sections of the paper by changing colors; or being altered depending on features or current events of the day. I think it is an interesting idea, if not one that is initially jarring after 30 years of the same familiar logo.

The font has also been changed from a standard serifed newsprint font to a non-serifed Futura style font. This renders and reads well on the website itself, but does not translate well onto the iPad. I do understand the need to innovate in the design department, but this new minimalistic approach seemed a little too extreme to me.

Here is the redesign:



As I have spent a bit more time on the redesigned website, I must say the new format is growing on me. It seems very Metro-ish and forward thinking. And I like it! But it does not come across that way on the iPad.

What do you think? Do you like the new style? Do you miss the old, familiar logo? Or should we jump straight to the USA Today of 2015 à la Back to the Future? You tell me...