That ad needs its own name, what should we call it?

So I head to the verge today and get to the main page and I am greeted with what looks like someone hacked the site and started ripping the page up and shrinking everything into a black hole. Then I saw that it was an ad. Now most ads are not that involved, this was kind of a different beast and I think it deserves its own name since its presence was so much... stronger than most ads.

So what should we call it?

I am leaning towards the Adpocalypse - inspired by the creepy palm lady ad creator

and the over the top subtlety of Lovecrafts Cthulhu



Missoin successful, the most noticed ad for microsoft yet. (I actually don't mind over the top ads btw - I'd take a few of those vs the same samsung video about watching a video while doing other stuff every time a video loads)