It doesn't take a Genius to know ; iPhone 5 = Boring, SG3= Gimmick laden phone

So I must accept that the iPhone 5 is not what I expected. It is BOOORIIIINNNGGGG!!! But it still is the best iPhone in the world. And the current smartphone world we live in is to a large extent still the one created by the original iPhone. While Apple perform iterations until they release something revolutionary like they did from the iPhone to the iPhone 4, Samsung has completely changed its Phones just for the sake of changing. They tout alot of nonsensical gimmicks in their new ad:



1.) NFC:

How many people are going to use NFC this year around the globe? Don't forget that if you have NFC accepting stores in your area or country doesn't mean thats how it is everywhere. And Is NFC really the way foward? Here in East Africa we seem to get what Apple is doing with its Passbook. We use a wireless system we call mobile money.
So this NFC hardware technology can never beat our system. You don't even need a smartphone to use mobile money. You guys in America for once have something to catch up on. NFC is just a gimmick for now; though it may become a standard later on.



conclusion: Apple understands that NFC is not yet a standard. It is just hardware being installed on several Android handsets and has great potential, but until then it isn't necessary because the future of payment doesn't need an extra wireless chip but needs a very good software service.

2.) 2GB Ram:

The iPhone 5 runs more smoothly on 1GB of ram than the SG3 that has 2GB ram! Kinda amazing that well integrated hardware and software outperform high spec hardware that isn't well integrated with the software. And the added touchwiz on the SG3 makes it perform less than expected. Showing 2GB of Ram to the average consumer falsely tells them that it runs more smoothly so its just a gimmick to sell the device.

3.) Palm swipe capture, Tilt to Zoom, Picture in Picture, Turn over to mute, ......

These are not revolutionary features at all, they are just additions meant to give the customer a feeling of a revolutionary device through improved and more interactive functionality. These are to some extent workarounds to technologies Apple introduced a few years back in the original iPhone( Tilt to zoom, instead of pinch to zoom).

An android fan may suggest that the SG3 is at the very least a more revolutionary device than the original iPhone, but when one looks at it critically, there is nothing the new SG3 can do that the original iPhone cannot do when it comes to the really amazing stuff.

CONCLUSION: It doesn't take a Genius to realise that we are still in the Smartphone world created by the Original iPhone, where 3rd party Apps still provide the highest added utility to a high-end smartphone. Until that day ends, Samsung should get it clearly that it is still playing in the original iPhone's kingdom of reality and its SG3 is not at all the next big thing, but a cleverly designed gimmick laden iPhone alternative that boasts good hardware and fairly good software.

Tell me what you think :)