Just met someone who worked on Meego, and owns an N9

And he works at my company. . . . 

I'm one of the IT/Help Desk/System Admins/Mobile Gurus. . . . Yes I work at a small company, and that's just how things go sometimes. Seeing that this is my role, I, by the default know and interact with everyone. I finished setting up the new guy a couple days ago, and bumped into him in the hall way today.

Immediately I spotted the phone. I asked him if it was a Lumia(I knew it wasn't). Then he showed it to me and says it's "a phone I worked on, I used to work for Nokia". BOOM. My eyes lit right up. He started explaining how things changed so quickly once the "New Ceo" came on board. I had to name drop so he didn't think I was some noob. So I said, "oh ELOP". 

From there he started explaining different random features that they were working on. . . but he didn't get too deep.

So I put it to the VERGERS(I'm claiming that term). What would you guys like to know? I can ask a few questions here and there, being that it is my job to run into people on a regular basis.

Must say I haven't been this excited about a new hire. . . with a beard.