13 iPad apps needed on Windows RT tablets... here we go again...

I just saw an article on zdnet from no other than James Kendrick, talking about 13 apps that would be nice to have on Windows RT, it turns out that most apps are there already, and if not there, there are equivalents that are as good or better.


The only notable exception for me is Flipboard, but there is News 360 that does the job remarkably with its own cool things, well sans the cool visuals. Games of course have a lot of room for improvement as well, but I think that as-is the store has enough to please the average user, and it will only get better, not only that but it also has its unique apps like Tweetro and Zentomi that are really best of breed even comparing with other platforms.

Lets take this as a chance to evaluate the situation of the Store going forward, are you finding any "critical" app that is not on the store already, or that is better implemented on other platforms?