Will iTunes 11 remove 'trashing' old apps?

Anyone else thinking iTunes 11 will do away with sending old versions of apps to the Trash during the update process? This is already the case with the Mac App Store and (to my mind) it's a bad idea. So many times I've been able to revert to a previous version of an app when a developer's update is broken (this was a particular problem with Citrix's Receiver app), thereby avoiding having to wait (sometimes) weeks for a new update that fixes things. I get why this isn't a good idea when updating directly on my iPhone/iPad etc. but on my Mac I've plenty of HDD space for an app archive safety net. If it was up to me, I'd <em>add</em> this to the Mac App Store but I fear the opposite will happen and old versions of apps will just disappear when updating in iTunes 11. What do you lot think?