Has The Verge been anti-Apple lately because they were snubbed an iPhone 5 review unit?

So, it's 11:42 AM EST as I type this and it's pretty clear by now that The Verge's iPhone 5 review isn't going to be coming out soon.

There's only one reason for this: they didn't receive a review unit from Apple.

Now, Apple choosing not to give The Verge a review unit for whatever reason is all fine and dandy, but what's struck me has been how anti-Apple The Verge has been since the Apple event.

Here are several Verge anti-Apple posts:




Here are several anti-Apple tweets from The Verge crew:




(Nilay in particular seems very upset and vengeful)


Now, obviously Apple isn't perfect and it's okay to be critical of them, but this is just a LANDSLIDE of negativity from The Verge directed towards Apple.

I've been following this guys since they were at Engadget, and never have I noticed such a consistent amount of vitriol aimed at Apple.

If this is truly because they were snubbed an iPhone review unit, which I fear it very may well be, I am very displeased by the unprofessionalism displayed by The Verge.