The Verge Got The Review Unit All Along

Even better - they were probably allowed by Apple PR to show it off in Late Night. That is the reason why the review is still not up yet.

Check it out:

So this

and this

Should be locked.

and she

Should shut up.

But seriously, the Verge will be fine even without a review unit. Apple is not a tech journalist's gift from heaven. Not getting a unit should not influence how they do business. Apple will probably impressed more if TheVerge are able to bring up good points and are still able to thrash it. The only peeps who have a problem are the Grubers and the Lemons.

Come to think of it, getting to show the iPhone 5 on live TV before anyone else is probably the biggest preferential treatment Apple can give to anyone covering tech. These things just don't happen. This even makes Alexia's status much funnier, since Apple apparently trusts Josh Tops to do a good job enough to have it show on a late night.