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So, our fearless leader Shaun has had a late night bless him, so your weekend warrior has tagged in for an assist combo. I'm sure most of you are off manning those Borderlands, but if you tire of gun-running, join us for a spritely chat! Also, eyes peeled for a secret project which should be going up today from me. I'm PaddyStardust, and lets get to talking!

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1: Sony debuts redesigned slim PlayStation 3 console, coming September 25th by Sam Byford

Sony announced a new PlayStation 3 at its Tokyo Game Show press conference today. The console comes in Charcoal Black and Classic White with a 250GB and 500GB version. The black console will be out in Japan on October 4th, and the white console on November 22nd.

2: PlayStation Plus coming to PS Vita in November by Sam Byford

PlayStation Plus, the subscription service that supplies PS3 owners with a steady stream of free and discounted games, will become available to Vita owners from this November. You'll only need the one subscription for both consoles, so if you already use PlayStation Plus the Vita service will be free to you as long as you remain a member.

3: 'Tokyo Jungle' review: survival of the fittest by Philip Kollar

In most post-apocalyptic games, a handful of men and women struggle to survive a bleak future. In Tokyo Jungle, humans are already extinct. Animals and plant life have taken over the abandoned streets, skyscrapers, and subway stations of Tokyo. Don't let the depressing setup throw you off. While it has some minor social commentary, Tokyo Jungle embraces its bizarre, overactive imagination. It's a game about the end of civilization, but it's also about settling that eternal debate between 10-year-olds over who would win in a fight between a bear and a saber-toothed tiger.

4: Humble Indie Bundle 6: Shatter, Rochard, Torchlight, Vessel, S.P.A.Z., Dustforce by Samit Sarkar

The sixth Humble Indie Bundle, a pay-what-you-want collection of indie titles, is now available.

5: 'Resident Evil 6' interactive Facebook trailer kills everyone you love by Alexa Ray Corriea

The latest trailer for Resident Evil 6 takes viral marketing to a creepy level, using Facebook to create an interactive vignette featuring you and your loved ones.


1: The weird, true story of how my brush with local fame became a Dance Central 3 move by Justin McElroy

Yes, that's me, Polygon managing editor Justin McElroy as Justin Evans, the boy who accidentally traveled through time, learned a lot about the history of West Virginia and, in the end, a little bit about himself.

2: Make Your Philosophy of Game Reviews Known by EthanGach

Rather it was the required numerical bookend that caused a stir. Reactions on Twitter and in the comments section range from thoughtful to absurd, to nonsensical. But by now we're use to these kinds of things, or at least should be. It's the nature of the beast, no?

3: Anime You Might Not Have Tried/Heard of #3 by Revolurt

So after trying to keep all the things in track after school started while being too busy playing Minecraft, I finally manage to have some time and energy to do this again.

4: So, You Want to Make Games? by GunFlame

Some of you folks around here are gunning for the chance to make games for a living. Being able to make money while doing something you are passionate about is always going to be a smart move. Right now, gaming is booming, many people want to give it a whirl, many people are going to school and doing what they think they need to do to get the job that have worked hard to get. This is not industry specific stuff of course, grab any sector and it’s the same. So why is there still such a lack of information regarding game industry jobs?


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