How will the next generation Lumia beat that sold-out-in-60-min phone?

As a Windows Phone and an ex-iPhone users, I really want this new platform to shine.

Is it all about the numbers of app in the store? Is it how the phone being manufactured? Is it the brand loyalty? Do people hate the metro UI?


Holding my Windows Phone, wearing a white headphone, making that face when I saw the iPhone 5 announcement.

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[One of the app that's a standout "Me", create your own characters, use it as a photo stickers. Not available on iOS or Android]

Windows Phone is one of the cleanest-to-the-eye mobile phone operating system on the market.

The way you can pin your favorite app to the start screen,the way the tiles show some important information without having to launch the app.

The tiles are really different from Android's widgets, It's simple and it's clean - it's all about the content.

It's an icon that's not dead.

There are not 700,000 apps in the store, there are only 160,000. But some of them are great, greater than those in one of the 700,000.








Alphabetical Jumplist

Apps in Panorama

These words make Windows Phone a standout platform you'll never regret switching to.

So Vergers,

are you waiting for the next Windows Phone? Or did you pre-ordered that Swiss watch?