T-Mobile has just announced that John Legere will serve as the company's new CEO, following Phillip Hume's resignation in June and the subsequent naming of Jim Alling as interim CEO. Legere was formerly CEO of telecommunications company Global Crossing, which was acquired by Level 3 communications last October. He's also spent time at Dell, serving as president of operations for Europe, the Middle East, Africa, and the Asia-Pacific region. Prior to that, Legere spent much of the '90s working for AT&T as president of AT&T Asia. As for Jim Alling, he'll return to his previous position as T-Mobile's Chief Operative Officer.

In a statement, CEO of Deutsche Telekom René Obermann said, "as T-Mobile moves forward with its strategic initiatives to improve its market position, including expanding its network coverage and initiating LTE service, John has obviously the right skillset to lead the business into the future." As the only US carrier that hasn't launched an LTE network yet, we'll see if Legere is able to lead the company through its upcoming transition — and see if he has any more success than his predecessors in getting the iPhone on his network.