Google Chrome problem

So I used Google Chrome as my web browser until today. About a month ago Chrome started freezing when going to sites with Flash videos in them. I'm not sure if it's specially sites with flash videos or other sites too, but I noticed it while trying to load sites like Youtube, and Vimeo. For an example when I open Youtube, the site loads for a second so that some parts of the site can be seen but you cant scroll down or click anything. Where the video would be there is just a blank space. Also there is no youtube logo next to address bar as there is when it is working, just a white sheet. Way to work around this problem is to copy the address and paste it to a new tab but that started to get on my nerves in the long run and now I decided to install 64-bit version of Firefox (Nightly) and youtube, vimeo work fine. I've tried re-installing flash-player, java and chrome but nothing helped. I'd really love to get back to using Chrome as I find it a lot better(just an opinion). I'm running on Samsung laptop with Windows 7 64-bit and Intel i5 processor. Thank you beforehand if anyone is able to help!