Thoughts on the HTC 8x and 8s?

I was personally surprised that HTC actually put more into it's unique features as an OEM. The dedicated amplifier, or music chip will definitely make a difference when it comes to sound quality and management and the front facing camera is like nothing we've seen before. Defiantly good for people who want to record video messages to their loved ones, or even sending one of your family now that you can all fit.

It also seems like they did a lot of work on design. Which we've seen with HTC before, but not on a Windows Phone. It's definitely a step up from the One X which I thought had the best Android design out there. The colours also seems to be a theme with Windows Phones, bar Samsung. Maybe Microsoft is kind of pushing that a little bit? or maybe it's a natural design trend in mobile phones? I don't know.

What do you guys think?