The iPhone 5 may not be released until September 21st, but we've confirmed that Apple has just begun rolling out updates to iOS 6 for current-generation devices. Users of the iPhone 4S, 4, 3GS, iPad 2, new iPad, and iPod touch should all begin seeing updates, although it's unlikely to be live for everyone yet. Last week, Apple released iTunes 10.7, a relatively minor update that adds support for both iOS 6 and the latest generation of iPod nano and shuffle. Unlike previous major updates, though, Apple is delivering iOS 6 over the air as well as through iTunes.

In iOS 6, the most obvious change is likely the stripping of Google's Maps and YouTube apps, which will no longer be the default video and mapping tools. Instead, Apple will be introducing its own Maps app, which adds turn-by-turn directions and removes integrated public transit options in favor of relying on third-party apps. The company has also posted a list clarifying which local features will be released in each country iOS 6 is coming to, along with an overview of what else is new.