We caught Samsung preparing its latest salvo against Apple last week, and now the company's next big attack ad is finally here. Staying true to the theme of its earlier commercials, Samsung's new ad mocks those waiting early in line for the iPhone 5, calling specific attention to the iPhone's lack of NFC and its controversial new Lightning connector. Throughout the commercial, viewers get to listen as actors posing as Apple fans obsequiously describe the phone's "mind-blowing" features — like a headphone jack on the bottom of the phone, and an all-digital connector ("what does that even mean?"). After seeing a number of people walk by with their Galaxy phones, the Apple fans incredulously ask is that a Samsung?

Between this commercial and Samsung's other inflammatory advertisements, the company's posturing towards Apple goes beyond tongue-in-cheek prodding. We're not sure mocking potential customers is the best way to earn them, but Samsung must think it's doing something right if its sales performance is any indication. Maybe someday those sales figures will convince the company to step off the warpath of insults.