When is Google Going to Kill the Task Killers?

Us tech savvy, neckbeardy nerd types know that Android is pretty stable, virus-free and rather good at multitasking. I'll admit that some manufacturers muck that up, but since froyo/gingerbread that statement is more true than false. Most people don't. Most people think Android is like windows; there's viruses everywhere and it can't manage memory to save its own (battery) life.

A lot of this is because charlatans try to upsell android buyers on old windows-style software. The fact that windows is insecure and hard to use is the backbone of a sizeable industry. Advanced task killer is one of the more popular free apps and its because a lot of the time, phone salesmen are downloading it for users when they set up their phones. Samsung packages a task killer into Touchwiz because users are asking for it. Antivirus software is bundled crapware on a ton of phones, even though there are no viruses possible on android.

Task-Killers in particular are useless, if you think you need one, read this. Since Google launched Bouncer, nearly all the malware on Android is coming from places other than the Play Store, where nearly everyone gets their apps.

I think google needs to send a strong message to consumers and ban these apps. They offer no benefit to users and actively cause harm by messing with the way android handles tasks, and by planting the idea in users' heads that android can't even manage its own apps and be stable. They are hostile software that deceives users and convinces them to pay for servies they absolutely don't need.

If google did this along with a press release explaining that android has never needed these things, they could get enough media attention that every time anyone googles for "Android task killer", wondering why they can't find ATK in the play store, they would get a page of results from sites like the Verge with headlines like "Google Bans Task killers on Android, calls them "Fucking Useless"'

The mere fact that this software exists is often reason enough for users to believe its needed, and letting them believe that makes google look amateurish. They should stand up for consumers, and themselves.