Windows Phone Mail app - anybody else frustrated?

I want to love WP, I really do. I use Microsoft apps everyday and design solutions using Microsoft products so I want to get onboard. I want to replace my iPhone 4S with a Nokia Lumia 920 when they come out, but one thing really stops me from moving and that is how WP does mail.

It just doesn't update as fast and seamlessly as the mail client on iOS. If I read, delete or move an email on iOS, the change syncs to the server instantly (regardless of server type) and is reflected straight away in Outlook or Gmail, for example. The same isn't true on WP. If I do anything with an item, I have to manually press the sync button and wait for it to reconcile the changes. Otherwise if I go look at Gmail, the message is still there. This does my head in.

Anybody know if this will improve in WP8 or if there is an alternative in an app in the Marketplace?