Switching from DROID to iPhone

So I got a DROID RAZR this February, and I loved it! All the features, Smart Actions, navigation, and more. I was so excited to use all the feautures.

Well guess what? I didn't use any of them. And now my phone is so buggy now, I'm banging my head. I'm a high schooler and have about $700 in the bank. So here's my question: Can I insert my current 4G LTE Sim into the iPhone 5, or do I have to restart my contract? Is it the same SIM Card? I've heard about nano- and Micro SIMs but I don't know which one mine has. I really do not want to restart my contract.

NOTE: I am going to switch to an iPhone. Please, some of the Android fanboys that lurk here, don't try to make me change my mind. I don't want a DROID nor a WP8. I've made up my mind.

Ahem: An example of this type of comment^

"it sounds to me like you want to switch to the iPhone to validate yourself in some way. Otherwise, why the hell would you want to spend $700 on another phone with features you already said you don’t need?

Don’t get me wrong, I absolutely love my Apple Gear, but I wouldn’t give up my Rezound for an iPhone, there would be too many compromises. Why don’t you just wipe your phone?"

My response:

What? To validate myself? Do you think the iPhone is a symbol of self-worth? Pseudo Psychology really strikes a chord with folks these days.
With my Mac, iPad, and iPod, I’m heavily invested in the ecosystem and I love it. I find myself having to carry around an extra device to accommodate what I thought I could do with my phone. Sir, if you want reasons, I will give you reasons.
1. My Android is terrible at music.
I’m serious. The audio of MP3 is so bad, I can’t bear to listen to it. It hurts my ears and my headphones are barely compatible with it.
2. Screen quality.
Resolution is pretty bad. As if that wasn’t bad enough, apps are not built for it and the screen is dull— not vibrant colors.
3. Will never be getting Jelly Bean or for that matter 4.2
4. Camera sucks. (Honestly, I should’ve known this. Motorola generally has crap cameras.)
5. Homescreen.app doesn’t crash on an iPhone.
6. Annoying notifications that stay at the top.
More to come!