V-cloud service...

I'm a big regular reader of all Verge content. I love the journalistic style and integrity that Verge writers bring to their work, as well as the depth and actual journalism they exhibit. Stories are researched and normally so far beyond all other tech writers it's not even remotely comparable. Sometimes, I like to read my Verge on my Galaxy Nexus.

The Verge app for Android is a good start, but I feel it's missing at least two killer features: URI decoding and V-Cloud.

The first is common in the Android ecosystem - tap on a link anywhere to a Verge article and it prompts to open your browser(s) or the app which has built an intent or whatnot to say "anything with theverge.com as a URL, I can handle it" that then opens the appropriate page in the app view. Just like Twitter, Plume and other apps do.

The second would be a nice addition, I think - V-cloud. Imagine, upon being logged into the web interface, if you could add items to your "following" list or similar to Youtube's "watch later" list.

As is, I don't find myself using the app because I can't zoom in on pictures, and the gorgeous formatting, such as bolded quotes, is missing. Add in the abilities to make it easier to get to the same content I'm reading on my Mac and I think it becomes a much more useful utility.