Is Chrome really that much more secure than Internet Explorer?

(Go easy on me, it's my first time)

I'm no expert. All I know is, there is no such thing as total security or total invulnerability. But based on some quick research, mostly accidental, I found something I thought was interesting. Maybe you might too.

I find it interesting because all I see are comments/stories from all over the place on how much more secure Chrome is to IE. How Chrome has the "best sandbox" compared to all other browsers but especially better to Internet Explorer's solutions. Basically, how "Chrome is the best all-around browser, period... always has been, always will be and IE is junk only idiots (or any other derogatory term) use.

To be honest, I use Firefox and rarely use IE. But after coming across this research, it just make all of the pro Chrome comments/stories sound like complete FUD (which after a while I started thinking was true).

Obviously it's not all roses for IE but, wow, I did not expect this.

Here is a snippet.

Google Chrome: Security vulnerabilities reported is on a highly ascending path. Google Chrome is the application with highest number of security vulnerabilities reported for the second year in a row. 275 new security vulnerabilities were discovered last year and the number is really impressive. For example, Microsoft "only" had 244 vulnerabilities reported in 2011 in all their products!







On another note, why are people saying Chrome past IE in market share?