(Archived) Crisis on Infinite Polygons (Comics/Animation) Issue #6: The Last Polymon


This week's over-sized header is courtesy of zombie711. I'm glad that Azula finally stopped taking things so seriously.

Alright guys, time to push the buttons, it’s another installment of Crisis on Inifinite Polygons with the superior host, whatever my name is this week. What happened last time? Some Bread guy decided to talk about some Adventure Time knock-off, it was weird. Apparently he’ll be doing this next week where he’ll talk about ANOTHER Adventure Time Knock-off (Yeah, it’s pretty obvious which show he’s going to pick). That or Ultimate Spider-Man, those are like his favorite cartoons.

On to business:

Featured Animation: Avatar: The Last Airbender

This show is so good M. Night Shamwow figured that he had to ruin it personally. Now, if you haven’t seen the show, well, it’s the greatest anime that was ever made. Okay, it’s not an anime, like at all. It gets that a lot. See, the creators were heavily influenced by anime when making this show. Seriously, they had everyone on the crew watch FLCL, that was like a job requirement! But, it’s not just HOW the show looks, but how it tells its story. See, large sweeping epics aren’t that uncommon in Anime, but Western Animation doesn’t have that sort of thing very often. And that’s exactly what Avatar is, a large, sweeping epic.


I punched a fish Jon! I punched the hell out of it!

But, what really makes Avatar special isn’t just the storyline (Which is kind of run of the mill really) or the animation (Which is pretty damn amazing), but the characters. They’re funny and down to earth, but at the same time are fully aware that their world is at war. Oh yeah, I haven’t even explained what this show is about. Basically, you have a kid with a destiny and the potential to learn like all the powers, also there’s a war. Yeah, the Fire Nation started it when they attacked. It be cray cray.


Look how emo Aang's being in this one pic! See? That's so animu!

Where can you check out the show? As per always my places to find the show are mostly US centric because that’s where I live, but hopefully everyone else can find stuff if they look for it. For TV, Nicktoons airs it all the time so it wouldn’t be hard to catch it there, the show is streaming on Netflix (And maybe Amazon, but I’m not sure), digital downloads are on iTunes and Amazon (I think you can get them from these places), and the show is available in three DVD season sets (Season 1 having a special edition set as well). Oh, there’s a sequel and some comics too, you may have heard us talking about them.

Featured Comic: Pokemon Adventures

Okay, we need more manga/anime in these featured selections so I picked this one for today. I know a Pokemon comic seems like a weird pick, but there’s a new game coming out and some sweet boxsets for this series as well, so I picked it. You know how you see people talking about how Gen 1 was the best or that the anime started sucking after Season 1? Assuming you’re aware of Pokemon of course. Well, this comic is for the die-hards and those guys. See, it’s got the same creative juices flowing that the first season had, except they’re running with a much stronger current.


New characters is a way better way of keeping this fresh than making the main character even younger looking. Just sayin'.

It’s that same classic tale of a Pokemon trainer starting his journey, but it covers all the mainline games and isn’t afraid to switch up the protagonist, all while messing with the story in some really unique ways (Gym Leaders working for Team Rocket? Pokemon murder? Some kid named Yellow?). So far I’m on the Yellow portion of the series and it’s pretty darn fun. It’s easily the best adaptation of the games that I’ve seen. I know that isn’t saying much seeing as the only other one that comes to mind is the anime, but it’s still pretty darn great.


Also, Pikachu is more round and adorable like this.

But, where can you get it? Well, Viz has released the Gen 1, Gen 2, and is releasing the Gen 5 portions of the series. While you can’t get them digitally, you can get these in regular paper back form, or in new Box Set collections. I’d check your local bookstore (You might have to go into the kid’s section though instead of the manga section) or online, Amazon had some great prices on them last I checked. A quick note, the manga series Pokemon: Diamond and Pearl Adventure isn’t a part of this series, but Black and White Adventure is. That’s a separate series based on Diamond and Pearl as there are LOTS of other Pokemon manga out there (I fondly remember a Pikachu one that I’d love to get my hands on).

Okay guys, get talking about things to talk about!