The Reluctant Apple User

I have been mulling this subject over for a while now and have finally decided to make my first post here on The Verge. I am cross-posting this in the Android forum as well as the Microsoft one. I am purposefully not posting this in the Apple forum specifically to AVOID A FLAME WAR!


From 2009 until this past year, I have been using Apple devices almost exclusively (MacBook Pro 17 inch, iPhone 4, iPad 2 and then the new one). The MacBook pro was my first Apple device I ever had other than a first gen iPod touch given to me by a relative. I chose to go with the MacBook because of how easy it was to zoom in on anything on the screen smoothly (key emphasis on this word) and I loved that because I am visually-impaired. Then I got an iPhone 4 the next year again for the same reason. Nobody else had accessibility down as well as Apple did at that time and so I went with them because of it. I have never been a fan of Apple as a company and only used their products because they were the best for my situation at the time. Same logic applied again to the iPads for my college textbooks.

MARCH 2012:

I had been in the apple ecosystem for quite a while now and had been following the progress of competing ecosystems to see if/when they would catch up to my needs. I was very excited with what Windows was doing and Android was finally looking usable with ICS. I sold my iPad 2 ahead of the launch of the new iPad to get the best value I could for it and decided to take that time to try out a BB Playbook and then a Galaxy Tab 10.1 to see how those compared to the iPad. Neither worked well at all for what I needed out of a tablet (screen quality and an excellent PDF reader were my main needs out of a tablet). So I reluctantly went with the new iPad for my tablet.

I had also just become eligible for a phone upgrade so I decided to try out the lumia 900. Like I said, I was excited with where Microsoft was headed. Again, screen wasn't high enough res for me and WP7 just wasn't quite there yet. So I went back to the iPhone for the time being. With the help of The Verge (29 days with Android), I pulled the trigger on an HTC One X in June and have been completely happy with it versus the iPhone ever since, even against the iPhone 5.


A few months with Android as my daily driver for my phone and Windows 8 still a ways out, I decided to get a TF700 for a couple reasons: see if the hybrid form factor could replace my laptop and my iPad so I could completely ditch Apple in one fell swoop be it with Android or W8, and see how the top of the line Android tablet could compete with my iPad. I was optimistic; it had the hi-res screen I was looking for, the same great OS that was on my phone, and the hybrid form factor I was so excited about. It's been a few weeks now, and I am very close to returning it to Best Buy. I have 60 days before I have to return it and there's supposedly a JB update coming out soon, so I shall wait for that and hopefully it improves it. I was stunned that ICS was so fluid on my phone and so glitchy on my tablet! Also, I determined that I need at LEAST a 13 inch screen to replace my laptop with and better built in speakers than what the Transformer had.

So here I am, using my iPad and MBP, waiting anxiously for maybe the Lenovo Yoga to come be my savior from Apple's annoying clutches.

I have no problem with people using devices from any manufacturers, I think we should all use what is best for our own personal needs. I just can't stand Apple as a company and am reluctantly using them until the competition can replicate the quality I get from Apple's products. Please share your opinions on things I could have looked at differently to take a different route, or your own personal experience with the different platforms. I hope we can all help each other to find what we are all looking out of our electronics.

P.S. I typed this out on my iPad and tried to find all of the autocorrect fails, but I might have missed a few and apologize about that.