What benefit do iPhone 4 users get out of the iOS 6 Maps?

It seems to be fairly well reported that the Maps in iOS6 are not as accurate its Google Maps-powered predecessor in iOS5. Obviously, the loss of transit directions within the app is also well-documented. The trade-off is supposedly built-in turn-by-turn directions, as well as the new "flyover" feature.

However, since iPhone 4 owners don't get turn-by-turn or flyover...what, exactly, is the benefit to them? Are they just casualties in Apple's war against all-things Google?

Of course, the immediate reaction is to say "Well, they should just upgrade", which is all well and good, but is that really the mentality we want to foster - that if you don't opt to upgrade your still-perfectly-functional hardware, you risk having accurate, functional mapping software replaced by a less-functional (though still mostly usable) alternative the next time you do an OS update?

Now, this isn't really a big deal in the grand scheme of things - Apple isn't forcing people to update, or anything. A good number of iPhone 4 owners will probably be upgrading, if they haven't already. Google Maps is still available through the browser, if you really need it. I think it's just the precedent being set that bothers me - Apple is basically saying that they're okay giving you a lesser-version of existing software, without any new features, simply because:

  1. You have the audacity to own older hardware and
  2. They are angry at Google

As a long-time Apple customer, I'm not particularly happy with that being the new status quo.