Wii U Discussion: Is 32GB Enough for a Next Gen System?

I love Nintendo but I'm dumbfounded as to how they keep making small silly decisions like this. The good thing I can say is they are heading the right direction by netting exclusives like Bayonetta 2. But a 32GB Wii U? Really?

Yes I get that it allows for an external drive to be used but isn't 32GB a bit stingy when both Xbox 360 and PS3 offer over 200GB for base models? The Nintendo Wii U Deluxe or Premium Package comes with 32GB of space the basic 8GB, Am I the only one thinking this is a huge mistake? Especially when they expect to compete with not only the current gen systems but also the next generation?

Let's Discuss. Keep in mind, I'm still a Nintendo fan through and through, other wise I wouldn't be so passionate about seeing them succeed.