WP8: Live tiles can do more

Just a small thing I noticed today. HTC announced their new phones with a clock on a tile! That tells us live tiles got more powerful in WP8.

On WP7 a clock tile simply wasn't possible. In WP7 tiles can only update every 15 minutes, or via push updates. That's why certain tiles, like clock tiles or timers tiles weren't possible. Now HTC has a clock tile. So WP8 must have a feature for always running background tasks. Yay!

I'm sure developers can think of great new things to do with that feature. Things even better than a clock. Android of course had this feature from the start, but we're in the Microsoft Tribe here. Good thing WP8 phones are dual core, since those background tasks will want their piece of processing time. And a bigger battery is welcome to!

That said, that clock would be the first thing I'd remove from the start screen. Hello HTC, there already is a clock in the upper right corner!