The things iOS 6 doesn't seem to do, but should...

OK, so I decided I should create a forum post listing all of the silly things we've all found now iOS 6 is out. Things it should do, or you expect it to do, but doesn't.

This isn't supposed to be an Apple bashing thread, or a measuring contest either. The idea is to pick genuine faults with the newest update, and question features.

So. My list so far.

1. I can ask Siri my work address, and it will bring it up for me to look at. But when I ask Siri for directions to that address, or a map of that address it says it can't find an address for my work.

2. When I ask Siri where someone is on Find My Friends, it will show me. When I then ask it for directions to that person, it will go to their home address, rather than the location it just found.

3. It only covers the top divisions in sports. The fourth largest football/soccer league in the world (by revenue) is the Championship in England, the second tier of English football, yet it doesn't cover them. It doesn't even cover The Champions League, which launched just yesterday. In England it only covers the Premier League.

4. UK users cannot use Flyover at all. Not even in places where Flyover works, like New York and Las Vegas. I can visit them, but then there is no Flyover functionality. Why? Whats the point in not letting us at least see the feature, even if it isn't implemented in the country yet.

5. Satellite imagery outside of major cities (literally) is like Google Maps circa 2007. No definition in any major conurbation of major UK cities. Only the core cities seem to have Satellite imagery thats even near to being on par with that of Bing or Google.

What other silly gaps have you found, or features that really should be there, but aren't?