PAX 2012 Saturday: On the front lines. (Now with video!)

You know, for a show that sold out so quickly, the showing of games was a bit underwhelming. Sure there were some giants on the field, but nothing felt as bold as last year. Perhaps it was the more meager swag pickings, but I digress.

Note: this post is supposed to catch the atmosphere of PAX. You might see a fair bit of cosplay. I try to mix it up, though today might be a bit more boring than tomorrow as I was at the Kojima Panel and Signing all afternoon.

Note 2: My voice is terrible when recorded. I'm sorry that some of you even have to put up with me over the XBL headset. Videos are on my personal account till I can get the details and move them to their more permanent home. So please put up with me here. (Videos are incoming due to long uploading times).

So! PAX. All the lack of swag does put a damper on it, but it is nice to get an eye on things. We start out explaining the location!

PAX is located in scenic (and quite expensive for the area) downtown Seattle. A beautiful city in my opinion.


I had to run to will call to pick up my badges, but soon I found myself standing in line, seeing some interesting League of Legend statues on the way.


An interesting thing happened this PAX. Security called a Patrick and Jason to the front. One of the took the mic and explained how he moved out here, how he loves Seattle and how he loves our community. He than proceeded to take the knee (which the other accepted). My hands were tied at that moment so I could not record, but my best wishes goes out to the two lucky guys. (A side note, but all the people in line here seemed very supportive of the whole thing. Well done PAX community!)

As you can see, even though it's 2 hours before opening, people are here in full force. Rather than spend two hours ogling those posters, Let's jump straight inside.

My objective? Halo 4 booth. Preliminary scouting reported that the line was monstrous on Friday, a friend and I made plans to hit it hard and fast.



So a Halo game! Let's get into it! Surprisingly, 343 was nice enough to let me record the game. There's no audio (as most games use headphones to cut out the outside noise, but you might enjoy my reactions to some of the new things and changes. Also, a glimmer at the menu options!

I then hit the Bethesda booth. The line for Dishonored was long, so I jumped into the Doom 3 BFG line. I couldn't record, or take pictures as the game was in 3D, but I was impressed with the 3D effects. The laser sights threw me off (as they use that instead of a targeting reticule), but I'm hoping they fix that before launch.

Unfortunately I had to sacrifice my romp around the expo hall, to go to a few panels, mainly the Kojima panel and signing. Kojima has been a lifelong idol and hero for me, so it was a pretty humbling experience.

Lets see some of the cosplayers as we leave for the panel.




Kojima premiered his new game, along with answering some questions about what motivated him to make Metal Gear in the first place. You can find more information on the Verge (don't want to be redundant). My impressions? Drivable vehicles, Open world (meaning no linear missions), and a engine running on current gen hardware which looks almost next gen (and Kojima wasn't even satisfied with how the game looked yet). Kojima mentioned that the game demo was played on a PC with specs that are comparable to current gen systems (which may or may not make a difference to you). I'm sure the video of it is on YouTube by now, but I didn't film out of respect for Kojima.






At this point, a friend called me over to round out a squad poised to take on Aliens: Colonial Marines. The new mode I saw/played reminded me of Left for Dead. It played a lot like it too, but it added a lot of touches like iron-sights, and more varied weapon choice. Another interesting feature is that you have starting load outs a la CoD or Halo, and the non heavy/special weapons(which you pick up around the map and carry around as a third primary weapon for a short time) you have to unlock at higher levels. We also caught a glimpse of a persistent leveling system (a la CoD) which presumably you would use to bolster the starting load outs by unlocking things. The game mode is basically left for dead however, with Aliens versus Marines who are trying to escape from the complex. Unfortunately I was not allowed to record game play.

At this point, it was pretty late in the floor, and everything was winding down. Worth it for Kojima though. I meandered around the Capcom booth for a while. I didn't get to play any, today though.




I caught some cosplayers as we leave for the day, along with the second Nintendo area (Smaller titles are put in a separate area).




Objective tomorrow? Sony (The last of Us is getting really rave reviews from our recon elements), Nintendo ( I haven't gotten many reports on them), Square-Enix, Ubisoft, and Capcom. If we have some time, we'll fill it out with some playable Gears of War: Judgment.

Questions? Complaints? Comments? Discussions on games? Questions to ask developers? I'm doing this because I love ya' guys, and I love PAX so if you think I should be doing something, don't hesitate! (The Imgur album with some unused images. Unfortunately, I would not upload a few images, you we'll have to take it as it goes.)