Windows RT- my perspective

So in the last 24 hours there's been multiple posts regarding Windows RT and the usefulness (or lack of) usefulness of the desktop in RT. A lot of these commenters appear to be viewing RT in the wrong perspective.

The whole point of the desktop and Office applications is that it is an option, and not a necessity.

The great thing about Windows is you have a variety of devices to choose from. If you're rarely going to use the desktop, get an ATIV tab type device, if you think you may use desktop a fair few times then get a Surface type device, or if you're going to be a using it a lot then get an ASUS Transformer type device.

Example Scenario:

3 students are on a 3 hour train journey, they have to complete a report by tomorrow and email to a lecturer, commonly they will need to do this in Office format. The first student has a Samsung ATIV tab, he uses touch only on the desktop, its not the best method of input but still usable and its there non the less, he completes his report in 3 hours. The 2nd guy has a Surface, he flips his touch cover keyboard and completes his report in 2 hours. 3rd guy has an iPad, he is stuck here so he spends 3 hours completing Angry Birds and updating his twitter to let his friends know he wont be out tonight, he has a report to write! I have no doubt some of The Verge readers know of apps that can be used, but still it will not be as productive as a direct link to Office.

RT desktop was never going to be perfect, this is an entire legacy Windows OS we're talking about here. What MS has done though, is taken an x86 OS and made it fast, smooth and efficient on an ARM chip and added the METRO/MODERN side to the OS for your consuming needs. Surely this is better than upscaling Windows Phone 8 up onto a 10 inch device? Surely?

Please feel free to challenge or discuss, provided it be in a civilized manner.