What Google SHOULD do with Google Play

Android market was an app market. You could buy apps and that was it.

But Google changed it into Google Play, a complete market for all your Google stuff.

If you are in one of the supported countriesyou get Music, Movies, Magazines, Devices and Apps.

But thats not it, there's more that Google could do with it!


Google only has Nexus Devices there. But the other ones are on Android too!

What should Google do?

Google should give manufacturerers the chance to get their devices into Google Play... if they update them in 3 months after a update is there.

They will update them to keep them in the Playstore, because it is THE place to buy Android stuff

(Btw, I think Google should make a android update beta for 3 months before the real release)

Also, if a device has vanilla Android on it and it will be updated 1 month after release of a new Android version, it should have the choice to call itself an Nexus device (or another name for these fast updating devices)


Google should make a different section with secure apps, tested by Google.


Euhhm what? Chrome? Yes. Google should sell all their stuff in the Playstore. So Chrome Apps should be in the Playstore, it would make it more uniform. Chrome devices should also be sold down here.

What are your opinions about this?

Sorry for my Englisch.