The OS that wouldn't quit (LunaCE demo)

This one's for those of you who enjoy playing with WebOS on their Touchpads from time to time or who've once felt a strong connection with WebOS:

(demo of the new-old features in LunaCE)

I was forced to revert to WebOS from Android, and have found the experience surprisingly enjoyable. The changes brought by the Community Edition of Luna have made the tablet a pure pleasure to use. Three weeks in, I find myself wanting to use Android only very rarely.

The tabbed card-stack feature almost makes me want to ditch Advanced Browser. Switching apps just by swiping in from the side is also a welcome addition. Lower minimum brightness makes my life a lot easier.

I use my touchpad a lot at work, where Android can't reliably connect to wifi. While I do miss the android browser and Android's information-sharing system, I'd miss connectivity a lot more. Similarly, I get far better battery life out of WebOS atm, which is a blessing on long nights on-call.

When it comes to many/most of the apps that I use regularly (eg. Evernote, Spotify, Facebook, Splashtop), I tend to prefer the WebOS (HD) versions. I esp. enjoy the (admittedly gimped) port of Splashtop that lets me switch to another app and then back without losing the connection. In Android I always have to re-connect.

Text reflow and proper tabbing in the browser would be hella nice (the new tabbed stack view goes some way towards mitigating the lack of proper tabbed browsing, but it's just not the same) and I'd love to have better apps for reading e-books and PDFs.

The deck is def. stacked against WebOS on the Touchpad. But, for those of you who've felt a connection with WebOS before, I warmly recommend the CE edition of Luna. Try it, and, if you get it to work, feel free to share your impressions :)

Caveat: for some, it takes several installation attempts and device restarts before the features show up in Tweaks. I have no idea why. Haven't had to do any Doctoring or anything anyway.