New Google Now suggestions

I have thought about some possible Google Now cards, what do you think of them?

Do you have ideas about what cards Google Now should have?

Amber Alert

If a child is missing in a area you are at that moment/the place you work/the place you live you get a card with the information and a picture of this child. If you have information it should have a "report to police"button. If a child is found you should get a (opt-out) notification to let you know he/she is all right (or not).


If there is a criminal on the run you should get a notification about his/her information, picture, a "report to police" button and a button that takes a picture/video (without sound that the foto has been made).

Information wanted

If there was a crime in your neighboorhood and the police wants your information you should get a notification and (again) a report to police button.

Google Tourguide

If you are near a landmark and you are more than 30km away from your home or work you should get a (one-time) notification with directions to it and some information about it.

Google History

Same as with Google tourguide. If you are near a historic landmark (like a WO 1 battlefield, Hitlers bunker, near Waterloo) you should get some information about what happened there.

Google Coffeeshop

If you are going to a coffeeshop and you have your headphones reggeamucis will start playing.