"The average consumer won't be able to doit", Myth

There is a lot of talk regarding how shocking will the windows 8 experience be for customers, how hard it will be for people to adapt and the impact it will have on adoption.

Everytime I read about that, it reminds me of the beginnings of Android and how reviews where quick to categorize android as a "geek's OS" with a unnecessarily complex user experience and that grand ma would never get the hang of it , yet Android has become the number one mobile OS, and widely used by geeks and yes the average user. While android has evolved and made things more user friendly android 2.x is still the predominant experience.

Same is happening with early windows 8 reviews, and it is been qualified as complex and that again your average user will not want the experience. While windows 8 is argubly harder to learn than iOS, it is much more capable at the same time, it is a full blown OS with a complete set of features and not limited by design as iOS is.

In my experience, a full blown experience always ends up been better for the end user. There is a reason why Libre Office is not as widely adapted as the MS Office suit, despite been free, easier to use and fully compatible Office standard features. People like power to do things, even if they need to learn to.

If you look at the evolution of iOS and compare it with earlier versions, and it has become more complex and people awaits for new features to be added on every release, and making it more and more like a full blown experience. Windows 8 on the other hand has these features by default.

There are lots of videos ranting on how hard is windows 8 and how regular people will use it...

How Real People Will Use Windows 8 (via lockergnome)

My mom, had issues using my Android table it was a complete shock for her... I installed Windows 8 on her laptop, told her that the programs where now accessible in charms bar, and she has never called me back because she could not do something, neither my brothers or dad have or any other person I've installed Windows 8 for.

Users want value, value comes from a balance between features and ease of use. In my opinion, Windows 8 is closer to the right balance than iOS or Android currently are.