Nex 5N vs Nex F3 vs Sont Rx100

Hello All,

After arrowing my camera search and waiting for new models to come out and older models to go on sale and think this may be the time to get in photography. I am not looking for a DSLR just something I can use every day and capture the shots I want it to. I am looking for something to take pictures of my cooking and going out and snapping shots of whatever I may see while going on a bike ride or a walk.

The reason I choose these three cameras as it seems like the way the market is shifting is towards mirror less and it is only a matter of time before sony gets its act together and makes some really good lenses.

I guess with my first question is that how much more can be done with a Nex camera then the Rx100, in terms of expandability?

Is it worth the price premium over the discounted Nex 5N or the cheeper F3?

Is the 5N superior to the new F3 and does it warrant the 50 dollar additional price .

Keep in mind if I go the Nex route I will get the one with the kit lens and not plan on upgrading for a while.

I appreciate any comments.