So... my Nexus Galaxy did a factory reset in my pocket

I was in Gainesville seeing a friend and tried to use the map but it wasn't working. The browser worked but the maps didn't so I turned it off. 15 minutes later I turn it on to see "Welcome to android"

Everything gone.

I lost all my games progress, half way through gta and long bouts of penguin surfing in ski safari being the most bothersome. I also lost all my pictures and videos of my trip hiking and going to a concert with my friend. It was set to back up over wifi but fate couldn't wait until starbucks later that day. Lost the text messages from contacts I didn't input yet.

Not sure how it happened. The only way I can see this happening is a factory reset, right? Maybe just the phones perfect angle, my perfect thigh muscles, and the fact I had on Brazilian briefs that turned it on and clicked perfectly though the menus to reset.

And no need to tell family or friends because they will just say "that sucks should have got an iphone".

It's not a huge deal this time but I really don't want it happening again. I don't want a lock screen or a case but if you have any other ideas I'm all ears.