For PC users, what benefits do Metro apps have?

To put it bluntly, I'm having a hard time being excited about Windows 8.

I really like Windows 8, don't get me wrong. But Windows 7 was so much more exciting to me. I mean, I actually liked Vista. So for me, Windows 7 was like taking a good chocolate cake and adding tons of icing and sprinkles on it. What was good became amazing. And really, did anyone ever complain about Windows 7? Besides the people who never liked it to begin with, that is.

I fully understand that Metro is the future of Windows. So help me out here...

What tangible benefits do Metro apps have over traditional Windows apps for someone like me who uses a keyboard and mouse? For the record, I'm writing that not because I'm waiting to pounce on someone and tell them why they're wrong. I want to hear good things about the Metro interface, not bad- I can find negative comments anywhere, but I would prefer to hear from people who are truly fans of Metro.