Apple's iPhone 5 photo ads

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Apple does it again with advertising their new phone to the masses of the American public as well as to the fans and customers across the world. Interestingly, Apple doesn't advertise like their competition, in fact they use a distinct method of advertising. Uniquely, Apply focuses on key advertisement elements such as simplicity, the product, and the use of emotion-evoking words. Apple's ads are displayed across the world and are remembered by everyone.

Whether one is walking down the street or surfing through the Internet, one doesn't have a lot of time. Even if one does, advertisements are made to grab one's attention. A quick moment to communicate to the reader or viewer, why they should buy or consider their product. It is a delicate process. One that is not easily learned. In fact, it may be the only chance one has to communicate with a reader or viewer and it is important that one communicate visually in a clear and concise manner to get the point across. However, rather than filling up a page or announcement with cluttered artwork. Apple visually communicates simplicity with their advertisement and the words they choose. There is no need for artwork to be displayed among the advertisement. To Apple, the product IS the artwork. There is no room for human hands or a cluttered arrangement of colors desperately trying to hold one down and sell someone something. The words chosen for this advertisement are as crucial in communication as the font that is used to display the message. As one can see, the font is easy and clear to read. There is no difficulty in reading the message. In fact, the message is short and allows the reader to capture the essence of the message quickly and effectively.

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Accompanied along with the text, is an image of Apple's new product, displaying their new phone. A simple image of the white phone on it's aluminum side. Just as man would look at a woman from head to toe and find himself gain visual pleasure (and vise-versa), the same can be said with the position of the phone. Apple could have laid the phone on it's side to communicate the thinness of the phone just as effectively. However, when one looks from the top towards the bottom, one may find that they are subconsciously finding the product to possess a sort of sex appeal. This sex appeal may cause the viewer or reader to gain a sense of excitement towards the product. Hence, creating a desire to purchase the phone.

While images and the product itself may convey a great message, one must actually read the message and consider it, all other details aside. As for Apple's message, "iPhone 5 is made from a level of precision you'd expect from a finely crafted watch - not a smartphone," it is unique and creates great imagery and presents an emotional argument. Aside from the font and colors used to communicate the message as indicated at the beginning of the analysis, the message uses three important words to communicate visually to the audience that their product is of high quality. They use the words, "finely crafted watch." A watch induces thoughts of precision, perhaps a Rolex, an expensive watch that is known for quality and luxury. A watch may also trigger the thoughts of an older relative in whom we looked up to and admired everything they did....and owned...including their watch. With this statement, Apple also goes against the notion that it hasn't been made like any other smart phone. This may be because people have associated other smartphone manufacturers with terrible quality and Apple doesn't want that tainted image on their brand or associated with their product. It is different and so are they (Apple).

One may notice that, when a company tries to communicate in an advertisement, there are many complexities associated with the message. There are many physiological aspects to consider as well as socio-economic factors when trying to effectively reach an audience. Know who the message is for, use previous experience to help with the message, and use strong visuals. Overall, use words if necessary.

Note:This is intendeanti be an interpretation of an advertisement.

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