Polynauts Roundtable Discussion (September 22): Darksiders 2

Yo, Polynauts. This Saturday afternoon, I'd like to get together and discuss Darksiders 2 in a roundtable format on the IRC. Basically, we'll talk about the game, what we liked, what we didn't, and then I'll take the conversation, work it up into a roundtable discussion-type post (basically, a review done through conversation), and post it here on the forums.

Anyone up for this?

This is an example of the approach we're going for. It's a moderated discussion--something that forums aren't conducive to.

Having a discussion like this is quite a bit more like our podcast, Polynauts LIVE (which is great, by the way, and everyone should listen to it--mucho props to Shaun and Paddy for that). There's that immediacy and feel that happens in live discussion that doesn't work well in a format--like forums--where everyone can take time to prepare lengthy posts. It's that frank casualness that we're going for.

For those of you unfamiliar with IRC, you can download the program here (just run it! It's preconfigured for Polynauts!), or, if you'd prefer, you can access us from mibbit. Channel info is #Polynauts on IRCHighway.