Paul Thurrott's thoughts on the 8X

Spoiler alert: He loves the 8X and agrees with it being the "flagship" phone for Windows Phone 8. And I agree with him. I like the 8X design quite a bit better than the 920: thinner and sharper. I think it does a better job of making the tiles "float" due to it's more angular design. The rounded, more portly 920 is very nice but doesn't fit as well with the live tiles schematic. In fact, with its chamfered edges and matte back, the 8X is has a design that better mirrors Microsoft's own Surface tablets.

It actually wins on some specs: a better front-facing camera and (personally for me) a better screen-size sweet spot.

Although the rear camera seems to be obviously inferior to the Pureview on the 920, I'm hoping to be surprised here. Other issues I have with the 8X: blue could be perfect, but the shade is off. I think "Beats" audio only work with Beats headphones, I hope they don't "dumb down" the sound on purpose with non-Beats headphones.