WiFi-Direct Display? Miracast? What's ahead of us?!

Earlier this year, we heard about Wifi-Direct mirroring display and how the Galaxy Nexus should support since it uses a TI OMAP 44xx SoC.


Well, The feature never made it to the GNEX. But fine, the GNEX supports MHL out to HDMI. It's been an easy and a fairly cheap solution.

The Nexus 7, however, does not support MHL. As a lot of you know already, news about that missing feature are coming back again, with a name rather than just the technical term, Miracast.


Nvidia announced that Tegra 3 does support Miracast in hardware. So, The Nexus 7 TV display could be possible soon? What do other users think?

The questions I'm thinking about..

1) is Miracast a renamed Wifi-Display or an improved technology before it was made this public?

2) Miracast receivers to connect to TV's can be made and sold at affordable prices?

3) What SoC'es other than the TI OMAP 44xx and Tegra 3 are approved of having the HW encoders required for Wifi-Display/Miracast?

Thank you