Retail presentation of Windows and Windows Phone powered products is extremely poor

One can't dispute that Apple's success is largely due to both the availability of own stores and presentation of their products in those stores AND in that of their partners (BestBuy etc.)

What bemuses me is how the non Apple devices and PC's are presented in stores. To say it's abysmally poor would be an understatement. Just the other week I went into a store to have a look at UltraBooks and play around with the new Samsung 9 series ones. Low and behold in a row of Notebooks with approximately 1cm to no space between them and under some large paper price tag that covered the entire screen I managed to dig up a Samsung series 9!

Meanwhile at the Apple supplied minimalist design table the devices which are no better than the Samsung series 9 set there like exotic cars on display with nearly enough space between them to lay a person out. Largely the same story in carrier shops too.

Now it's understandable that PC's etc. are made by a lot of different manufacturers and each one could not get their own display table, but even then the way they are put on display even made me feel on some sub-conscious level like what I wanted to buy was dog-shit in comparison to the Apple products that were well presented.

This brings me to the conclusion, what are the Microsoft, Intels and other PC OEM's reps and marketing departments doing! I say they are a bunch of useless shites! I think Microsoft and or Intel should come together and establish presentation conventions and provide the tables\stands that will feature the best UltraBooks and other devices running Windows. If the retailers refuse, get together with the OEM's and pull all products out as being heavy handed in this respect is the only way to go. Otherwise what is happening now with the products being presented the way they are the OEM's can release products that are every bit better than Apple's but they still would be neglected and relegated to junk device status. Same goes for Windows Phone in carrier shops, whilst I have seen some Nokia Lumia stands that were all polished, reflective metal they were still tacky as hell.