Todd Bradley is HP's executive VP in charge of personal systems and printers. As such, it's his job to be excited about the future of PCs, but he's gone further in a recent interview with PC World in dismissing the claim that we're living in a post-PC era as "just wrong." Citing the broad need for computers in everything we do, Bradley argues that the global PC market remains as large and buoyant as ever. He does acknowledge the increasing importance of tablets, a market that HP aims to lead from the front the way it does with Windows PCs laptops and desktops today, but he's ultimately unimpressed by the idea that portable devices are taking over from the more traditional machines.

Though these comments from Bradley convey a sense of resolute confidence, they do clash with previous bold statements he's made, most notably back in January of last year when he promised an extensive and interconnected ecosystem of webOS devices. That plan didn't pan out for HP, which has since retrenched to more familiar markets, but now CEO Meg Whitman is keen to reboot the company's efforts on the mobile computing front. It may still be debatable whether we've quite evolved into the a post-PC age (and now that Microsoft is bringing WIndows to ARM tablets, what does that even mean?), but the future does seem to be headed that way.