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I made todays header purely because I love watching 90 Seconds on The Verge. Justin hosted one back in July, hence the header. They cover game stuff too so check out todays video linked below.

It's Thursday, September 20th and this is 90 Seconds on Polynauts Central - coming to you live from the Polygon community here on The Verge.

After yesterdays midweek guest spot by the ever industrious PaddyStardust we're back for quick-fire discussion on all things .... on all things I guess. Today's my first day back to university since last July (gap year) so hopefully I'll pop back in just over two hours when I hit the lecture theatres with a quick update on whats new there.

But now? You've got 90 seconds on Polynauts Central so what do you want to talk about today?

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1: Electronic Arts announces support for GaymerCon by Emily Gera

Publisher Electronic Arts publicly announced its support for the first annual GaymerCon, a new games convention said to focus on the gay, bisexual, lesbian, and transgender community.

"EA believes that to be truly innovative, you must be inclusive. We are proud to be a part of this event," said Ginger Maseda of global diversity and inclusion for EA, in a prepared statement made available in the latest GaymerCon press release.

The event has also gained support from the Xbox Live team and Robert Khoo of Penny Arcade.

2: Meet the new bad guys of 'Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance' by Michael McWhertor

Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance's rogues gallery of sleek, sexy cyborgs gets a little attention in the latest trailer for the action-oriented Metal Gear spin-off from Platinum Games and Kojima Productions.

The Tokyo Game Show trailer for Revengeance gives Metal Gear fans a long look at three of the game's evil cyborgs: the heavily-armed Mistral, the burly Sundowner, and Monsoon, the sai-wielding soldier who may present the biggest challenge for Raiden, because the guy comes pre-sliced.

3: Life after Sega: The Sonic creator talks about being free of the hedgehog by Russ Frushtick

Yuji Naka cemented his name in the history of video games by programming the original Sonic the Hedgehog. But Naka, once defined by his time at Sega, has now been outside of the company for nearly six years, after forming his own studio, Prope. And it seems he couldn't be happier.

"One of the reasons I left Sega was, if I stayed there, I would have had to just make Sonic games," he told Polygon in an interview at Prope's Tokyo headquarters. "Right now I don't have to make Sonic anymore, so I'm enjoying that freedom a lot."

4: How to build a PC: A comedy of system errors by Chris Plante

And so, with the support of my oddball friends, I set out to build the PC.

The first thing you learn is the jargon because you have no other choice. Everyone in PC gaming is a jargonist; it's a matter of to what degree.

Google helped with the basics. A GPU makes the pretty graphics. A PSU provides the power. A mobo is a motherboard, and a motherboard is like the dining room table on which the other parts are served. I found it easier to think about the parts as familiar metaphors rather than what they actually are: expensive and delicate hunks of metal and silicon that, so far as I can tell, perform magic or make deals with the devil to conjure images onto my screen. My ignorance about these things is humiliating, and now more than ever, I wonder why my public school didn't offer classes like "How to PC."

5: Press Reset: Episode Four - But wait, there's more by Polygon Staff

Naturally being involved in the story of Polygon, being featured in this documentary, is a total change of pace for us, and I'd be lying if I said we weren't a little nervous. After all, advertising can get a really bad rap.

No matter where I've worked in this industry the sentiment is pretty much always the same: "Ad guys are a bunch of suits, totally disconnected from the content and the audience." If you take anything away from this episode of Press Reset, I hope it's the idea that this just isn't true.


1: What is the most realistic racing game? by Bionix

What are some of the latest racing games that are very realistic? i.e. realistic damage and driving conditions?

2: Wii U Discussion: Is 32GB Enough for a Next Gen System? by csandreas

I love Nintendo but I'm dumbfounded as to how they keep making small silly decisions like this. The good thing I can say is they are heading the right direction by netting exclusives like Bayonetta 2. But a 32GB Wii U? Really?

Yes I get that it allows for an external drive to be used but isn't 32GB a bit stingy when both Xbox 360 and PS3 offer over 200GB for base models? The Nintendo Wii U Deluxe or Premium Package comes with 32GB of space the basic 8GB, Am I the only one thinking this is a huge mistake? Especially when they expect to compete with not only the current gen systems but also the next generation?

3: Great article on the Guild War 2 races by Sammael

I did not pick Norn (and don't intend to after what I heard from that article) - but I do have a human male, and his voice sounds too old and wizened for my tastes, and it was interesting to read how the others sound/play in terms of backstory.

I rolled a sylvari mesmer and I vastly prefer the british accent male to the human males tone. Still intend to try out an asura as well, but don't want to spread myself too thin, when I make an engineer it will probably be one of them though. As for Char - just can't do it, don't want to be a large beastly race in game - personal psychological quirks going on there, nothing to see beyond it.

4: Polynauts Roundtable Discussion (September 22): Darksiders 2 by DocSeuss

Yo, Polynauts. This Saturday afternoon, I'd like to get together and discuss Darksiders 2 in a roundtable format on the IRC. Basically, we'll talk about the game, what we liked, what we didn't, and then I'll take the conversation, work it up into a roundtable discussion-type post (basically, a review done through conversation), and post it here on the forums.

Anyone up for this?


Dan Seifert returns with yesterdays'90 Seconds on The Verge'.


Wonderbook slid its binding around Fanta Grape’s sleek curves, pages moist with condensation. As the well-worn page fibers began sticking sweetly to the throbbing purple can, Wonderbook whispered, “The night is young, O David Hasselhoff of my Hasselheart.”

The night was theirs, full of openness and shame and high fructose corn syrup and unresponsive gameplay. Wonderbook slyly worked its way around to the backside of its aluminum other, however vague of a location that might be. “You can’t have Wonderbook without poking from behind,” David Hasselhoff thought, in a strange twist of narrative.

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