Let's have a little game of Frankenphone

I think any reasonable person can admit that most phones and OS choices have their respective strengths and weaknesses in either the software or their hardware. I've seen this game played many times before and I think it's always an interesting game, so let's have at it, if you could create your own phone from existing phones and OS on the market now, what would your Frankenphone be?

For me, I'd take the hardware of the Lumia 920, the app selection and quality of IOS, the Google suite of apps and integration from android, the glanceable information off windows phone/android (call it a widget or a tile, I don't care, just as long as I can look at some simple info without launching a full app), and the battery life off of an old school Blackberry. For voice integration, Siri or Google's voice search both work well enough that I can take either one.

As far as a base operating system?? I guess I don't really care, I'd take any of them as long as they offered my laundry list I just gave, but if I really had to pick?? I suppose give me Webos. I honestly think Palm had a winner, and they just repeatedly shot themselves in the foot. The large wait between reveal and release, the exclusivity deal with Sprint, the hardware that constantly failed, the terrible initial ad campaign, and the massively sexist follow up campaign with Verizon are just some of the best of Palms screw ups.

The final piece of the pie would be reliability, both in hardware and software. I don't have a great example of either, because it's probably the biggest issue every phone faces. They all have problems with the reliability of both their hardware and their software, be it from being prone to breakage, poor build quality, or unreliable parts in the hardware, to app crashing, OS slowdown/lag, or lack of updates in the software, they've all got issues that really need fixed. So instead of an example, I'll just say I want reliable hardware and software on the phone. If it can last the 2 years of my contract without me constantly feeling like the phone is crippled I'll be happy.

So, tell me a bit about your Frankenphone....