Will coloured smartphones ever become popular?

Does anyone else feel that coloured smartphones are going to be "wasted" on Windows Phone 8 devices?

I loved coloured gadgets, and even though most of my gadgets are black and white (or silver), whenever I have a choice of picking a colour, or something that is visually distinct and improves or changes the overall look of the device, without sacrificing quality or function (I'm looking at you headphone manufacturers), I will gladly pick that choice, instead.


Ever since I left my Nokia 3210, and the half-a-dozen covers I had for it I've felt that most devices released, until very recently, were all dull. Sexy as all hell with metal finishes and brushed aluminium, but dull. I understand that manufacturers are pushed by cellphone companies to not release devices that steer too far from white or black, or something in between, but I can't understand why a phone that ships as many millions of units as the iPhone 5 will can't have more colours.

Meanwhile if you happen to be a Windows Mobile user, all kinds of wonderful, well designed and constructed devices are in the pipeline and will be hitting store-shelves in the upcoming months. Given how slowly Microsoft has developed WP8, and how many times it has been delayed, I'm not expecting it to sell a great amount of handsets this Christmas, specially now with the iPhone 5 breaking all previous sales records.

While I won't grief if Windows Phone goes "away" as a platform, or just remains a distant alternative to Android and iOS, it saddens me that their colourful devices might not ever get their Android counterparts, and Apple might never stray from black and white iPhones. It saddens me that somewhere on a whiteboard, someone will have done a list of characteristics of Windows Mobile, and colourful handsets might be put in context as one of the reasons that Windows Mobile didn't meet the success they wanted.

The only device that interests me on the Android platform that has shown colours, besides black and white, is the Sony SX and it has a really nice orange colour. Yes, orange! I would have never considered orange as a prospect for a good smartphone colour, but Sony has done it, and it looks very nice in my humble opinion.


I guess I'm just tired, at this point, of only seeing black and white slabs of plastic on every store shelves. There was a time in smartphone history where manufacturers concentrated themselves on making as colourful and innovative designs as they could, instead of competing for features, and although most of those handsets were arguably bad, or mediocre, handsets, there is no contesting that they were visually striking and they made every trip to cellphone store feel more like you were entering a high-tech art gallery.

Nowadays if you walk into an At&t, or any other cellphone carrier store, what you'll see in an endless carpet that consists almost entirely of black and white slabs. Some which are rounded, some which have a silver rim around them, some which have slideout keyboards... just black black black, and I'm tired of it.

I'm sick of seeing Japan getting all kinds of beautiful coloured devices, when any chance of seeing any of them in Europe or America is a gamble. Why can't I get a blue PSVita in Europe? Why can't I buy a phone with ellipsis-shaped keys and multiple colours?


Cellphones are more prominent now than they have ever been in the history of technology but in terms of design our choices have never been as dull and colourless as they are now.

What do you guys think? Do you prefer your white and black handsets, or do you think the industry could do with a bit more colour in their designs?