Wow- Apple Maps is Horrible! not ready for prime time

I am a iPhone 4s owner (and ipad, macbook pro etc).. and I was eager to upgrade to ios6. Wow.. there are some benefits (my favorite is do not disturb and added emoji icons)

I read all of the rants about how bad the Apple Maps app was and how the change from Google was a huge step backwards. At first I thought it was just people wanting to complain. THey couldn't be more right. From what it seems, international maps are not useless on the iphone.

I live in Philadelphia. One wold think the Apple Maps app would be helpful. I was astounded by the lack of detail, As a case in point.. on a main road with restaurants, stores, etc.. Apple Maps shows 4 restaurants (there are 15). It doesnt even show Starbucks on maximum view.

If I search the maps for restaurants near me, places a mile away show up, but not the pizza place or brewpub 0.25 miles from where I am. Only if I search by place name do they show up.

This is unacceptable. Apple has wronged many customers. Sure turn by turn is nice, if you lack a GPS. But to sacrifice maps that are useful is wrong. And for those with pre-4s phones, Apple has really screwed you over.

But hey, at least there is passbook, another app I wont use. Ill put it next to gamecenter.

I hope the Verge review actually looks at the map's shortcomings and just doesnt say how great GPS is. That would be a shame.